Self-portrait coloured pencil on tinted paper
Self-portrait coloured pencil on tinted paper © 2023 Colin Murray

II was born in 1956 and I began painting in oils when I was twelve years old. When I was seventeen I attended a two-year Foundation Course and I have a Ba hons degree in Fine Art. I also have a City and Guilds Teaching Certificate and I have taught in schools and also given private tuition. I teach basic drawing skills, especially from life, and painting and drawing technique as these are things that can be taught.

My work is figurative and I paint various kinds of pictures sometimes from life and I also use photographic references. Regarding the use of photographs thanks to home printing it is much easier to produce the source material I need for my pictures. I cannot conjure a complex realistic scene from my imagination so I study various images and adapt them to my purpose a good example of this is my recent picture ‘Memento Mori’.

As to where I stand in terms of contemporary art I’ve realised, as time goes by, that I have more in common with Outsider Art than any other trend. When I consider that I’m largely self-taught, most of my work is obsessively detailed and I have always operated outside of the mainstream. However my work has proved popular among a small group of business people and private collectors.

I've had various exhibitions over the past forty years and I've also been in several group shows however I'm unable to provide details at the moment because I've lost the document that lists these exhibitions.